Crimson Red Applique cotton Kurta fabric & Sanganeri print kota doria dupatta

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Country of Origin: India
Applique is an ancient craft form that originated in France, it means to join or to attach. In India, the ancient craft of applique can be traced to the rituals of Lord Jagannath , the presiding deity at Puri, Odisha. Applique is the process of sewing smaller pieces of fabric onto a larger background fabric. It is a technique of forming a single pattern with different pieces of cloth. Pieces of fabric are applied on top of another for decorative or functional purposes. Applique a craft form, from Rajasthan is akin to Katab patchwork from Kathiawar, a peninsular expanse near the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat. The base material used is mainly white in colour. Patchwork patterns of diverse sizes, figures, and colours are set in a way that produces enchanting patterns. It was practised in various places in Rajasthan such as Jodhpur, Barmer and Jaisalmer, besides other states in India, the craft is created largely by womenfolk. Presenting a red appliqué cotton kurta fabric & sanganeri print kota doria Dupatta
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Brand Kusuma
Fabric Cotton & Chanderi
Origin Rajasthan
Craft   Appliqué
Body Color Red
Dimension 2.5 mtrs
Care Hand wash


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