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The journey of ‘Kusuma’ began in 2017 with a visit to the marginalised weavers in the handloom cluster of Narayanpet in Telangana State. After much thinking, Kusuma was born. ‘Kusum’, in Sanskrit means a fragrant flower. The name signifies grace, beauty and delicateness – illustrating the magnificence of craft at the hands of the weavers.

We collaborate with local weaving communities / co-operatives and aim to reduce the gap between the weaver and the consumer. India’s rich weaving traditions have survived few centuries of changing rulers, invaders, colonials and even the modern age political & social dominance. The community today looks to receiving fair wages for their products, prestige for their craft and above all, dignity of life. At Kusuma, we believe we can contribute in our own way to the community.


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