Pure Chiffon Handcrafted Marbling saree

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Country of Origin: India
The art of Marbling, also known as Sumniagashi or Ebru, is ancient believed to have origins since the 12th Century. Suminagashi, the Japanese form of marbling was started by Jizemon Hiroba as he wanted to offer a marbled paper to a shrine. To this date, over 55 generations the Hiroba family has continued to practice this art form. Ancient Persian and Turkish texts indicate the usage of this paper art, better known as abri. During the 17th century, fascination of this art form by European travelers to Turkey and Persia, was carried ahead to Europe. The technique gained immense popularity in Europe, where the marble paper became a popular covering material not only for book covers, but were used to line chests, drawers, and bookshelves. The marbling of the edges of books was also a European adaptation of the art. Marbling, a widely appreciated art which has been successfully implemented to various fabrics. To obtain beautiful marbling results, one needs to have a light hand, refined taste, and an open mind to the unexpected patterns forming on the water. Presenting a marbling saree which is unique in its color, shade or design.
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Brand Kusuma
Fabric Pure Chiffon
Origin Pondicherry
Craft Marbling
Body Color Multicolor
Dimension 5.5 m x 1.1 m
Blouse No
Zari No
Occasion Office & Day Wear
Care Dry clean


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